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Long weekend hangover / short week fatigue?


Anyone else feeling this? I'm not actually hungover from drinking, but sometimes it feels hard to get back into the swing of things when I step away from the desk for an extra day. Then it compounds with squeezing 5 workdays into 4 and I'm ready to rest, rest, rest this weekend!


Who's with me?



Yes! You're not alone @Casey! I know as you're in go-go-go mode during the week and stress levels are high, the natural thing is to run off that cortisol. Then when you finally stop, things actually drop below baseline. We used to always get sick after finals in school and our immunology professor explained that response to us so it made sense! So maybe its your body's way of telling you it needed the break (and could use a little more)? In any case, glad you got a nice break and are making it through the weeek! Tend to those needs this weekend 🙂

Every single Monday, you are NOT alone 