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Product Crush: Saysh One Sneaker— What is your must-have shoe this season?


Hey AthletaWell! I’ve seen a lot of talk about shoes lately...from sandals, to loafers, to boots - the hunt for the best shoe is on! But I want to know, what are your must have shoes this season?? Let me know in the comments what's your favorite shoe right now or what shoe do you need to get? Feel free to add pics and links, you never know who may want to grab them too 😉


I’m loving the Saysh Ones right now! They are lightweight, super cute, and can be dressed up or down. They’re back in stock, so get them while you can!! (as you can see Allyson makes them look sooooo good 😍)


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It depends on the activity. I love the Reebok Nano X1 for weight lifting/BODYPUMP classes, I love Asics Kayano for BODYSTEP. I’m wondering what is best for Zumba, the Asics weren’t so good for that!

Love the Reebok Nano for lifting too!! My lifts feel so much more grounded since I switched to a flat shoe!

Right?! ❤️

ON shies fir CrossFit 

I love my Adidas Superstars. I wear them with my Brooklyn ankle pants, Venice joggers and jeans!


I’m running in Hoka One One Mach 4


Does anyone have any recommendations for wider feet? I also have sensitive knees and hips, so I'd love recommendations that are supportive and shock-absorbing. I don't run, but I'd love them for walking 🙂 

I love my New Balance because they have a wider toe box. They also come in wide sizes. 



I'm loving Vivaia! (


They had a ton of styles, are made from plastic water bottles, and work really well for wide feet.


I have a pair of sandals and they are my go to.


I love the On cloud collection for running


I love the Teva brand for outdoor adventures and summer. 


I just bought and LOVE the Eastbound Straight Pant in black (will likely also buy in the gray) - so flattering and can wear as we return to the office. But what sneaker goes best with these?? I've tried my New Balance running shoes, and it's okay but not great IMO. I've also tried the Stan Smith and OG Adidas superstars, but neither fit my feet quite right. Any other suggestions that are on-trend but also appropriate for a NYC office (biz casual fully acceptable)? Also age-appropriate, if that's a thing in sneakers (I'm over 40). Thanks!! 



 Hands down, my most favorite shoe of all times! I was in a waiting list for what seemed like forever, but so worth the wait! Love them! Wide enough toe box, lightest shoe ever, good instep support, best stability shoe. It's their brand new runner+ The sole looks super thick but provides the best shock absorbency I've ever experienced. Can't say enough good things. I use for running, step, weight training, cross training...very versatile. Comes in black, white & hot pink. Only activity I don't wear them for is spin, in which I use Tiem, which are my favorite cycling shoes. 

which shoes are you referring to?