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    Day 2: Observe Nature

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Welcome to the second day of the Walk It Out Challenge! How was yesterday's New! 15-min Audio Power Walking  with @Chris_F? We had such a nice time and can't wait to walk the rest of this week!


    Today, we want you to take your walk outside and simply just, be.




    Unplug, turn on your senses, and take your walk outside. Do you hear the birds chirping or cars driving by? Can you smell the roses or baked goods for a neighborhood shop? Take a look at the sky or say hi to the person passing by! 


    Once you come back from your walk, tell us in the comments below what did you observe on your walk? Did you notice anything different on this walk? What did you see, smell, hear, etc?

    • Share you what observed in the comments section below by Friday, April 22, 2022 for a chance to win an Athleta Shop Card.* 


    *AthletaWell, non-Gap Inc. employee, members who comment on this post  between 11:59pm PST Monday April 18 - 11:59pm PST Friday April 22, 2022 will qualify to win the Athleta Shop Card. The winner will be selected at random based comments on this post and will be notified by direct message  from the AthletaWell Team in the AthletaWell platform.  All comments and conversations must adhere to AthletaWell’s community guidelines HERE.  

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    Usually I take walks with headphones on, and head down. Today I went without music and I don't think I realized that I don't actually see faces when I walk. It was nice to look around at the people walking by! I also paid more attention to the birds and changing of seasons which I really enjoyed. Thanks for the challenge!


    Today I mostly walked by the river.  I noticed a great blue heron flying overhead, a couples of mallards swimming in the river and took time to notice what had changed since the last time I walked by.  Thanks for the great suggestion.


    Today I enjoyed observing the clouds in the sky, the light patterns of the sun, the sweet spring flowers blooming and some flower petals gently falling down from a tree. 


    I took this stroll by bay front on my trip to SF and really enjoyed observing the water and listening to the birds as I moved my body! Also felt so good to feel the sunshine on my skin after gloomier weather yesterday 🙂


    The bees were buzzy today!




    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    This picture is BEAUTIFUL what an amazing scene to walk along! The bees would have scared me away, but so glad you enjoyed your walk @Reenie 🐝

    I was a lot more patient with my dog and her request for sniff breaks. I was in my feelings after a frustrating work meeting. Kinda just had to deal with it. Noticed some items for the litter pickup later this week! Noticed lots of birds out and about which was lovely.


    On today's walk, I enjoyed the bright, beautiful "golden hour" sunshine turning into a light spring shower, but the sun ultimately won out & reappeared, turning into a lovely sunset.


    It's been chillier for the past few days, and it seems the usual birds & squirrels were quiet. I took the time to look at all the different flowering bushes and how our up & down temps this spring have caused such a variation of bloom times for the spring flowers.


    I've been walking on my breaks at work for the last several years. Walking outside is my FAVORITE!!


    I did a brisk walk to pick up dinner in a not-so-great neighborhood so kept my phone in my pocket and my eyes on each person that I walked by.  Most of them were just minding their own business or doing the same thing as me.


    It was a cold gray one today but got it done!


    I took a walk by the lake and gazed at all the beautiful spring flowers.  Tulips, Hyacinth, Daffodils! They were absolutely gorgeous.  I breathed in the beautiful spring evening air and found real contentment!

    It’s my first time in San Francisco and I loved walking and exploring the parks around me! So nice to get out and smell the roses 🌹 



    I live by my city’s baseball stadium, and there was a game this evening, so I observed a lot of people mingling around, a lot of people sitting on the restaurant/bar patios, and got to experiencd my little neighborhood in a much more lively way. It was great to see other people going out and having fun.

    Pelicans flying over my head today as we walked our setters along the Yellowstone River.  You can smell the earth as it begins to warm.  Snow predicted for the weekend...ready for Spring!


    Loved seeing the pink buds on the magnolia trees bursting forth, also the redbud trees and the bright yellow forsythia bushes matching the fresh daffodils!


    In the past I walked with earbuds but since the start of COVID I have been practicing mindfulness so have take regular walks earbud free and it has been wonderful.  I notice more things in my neighborhood.  Today I enjoyed the amazing colors of spring flowers, birds singing and the smells of freshly mowed lawns and mulch.  In the past 2 years I have noticed some creative landscaping, one neighbor created their own miniature land of OZ! and fun sidewalk chalk messages.