Congratulations to our Well-Being Week Winners!

Community Manager

After five days of reflecting, regrounding, and recentering, Well-Being Week is officially coming to a close. 


This week, we had daily on-demand videos with a chance to win a special prize. With over 300 entries, we cannot thank the Community enough for participating! Our winners were chosen at random, and we are so excited to announce them below:


Monday 1/10 - Start With Awareness: @Kimkrez 

special prize: ATHLETA SLEEP KIT

- Athleta Wind Down Sleep Robe in Palermo Pink

- Athleta Cozy Slipper Socks


Tuesday 1/11 - Let It Go: @amotichek 

special prize: $150 ATHLETA SHOP CARD


Wednesday 1/12 - Create Space: @Birding_babe 

special prize: $150 ATHLETA SHOP CARD


Thursday 1/13 - Time to Ground@KJDarnold13 

special prize: $250 ATHLETA SHOP CARD


Thank you to everyone who participated in Well-Being Week! We can't wait to do this again, tell us in the comments below what you want to learn about next time!


I like yoga, strength training, tips for WFH wellness, Pilates, Barre. A good topic for discussion: how to motivate a spouse to lead a healthier life. Many thanks to the Athleta Well Team.

I told my husband, i was having trouble eating leaner with everyone eating fried chicken and baked ziti so he said he would help find some healthy recipes that we could all eat. And today we made got some recipes and went grocery shopping together.

So jealous of everyone who won, but congrats to the winners! Next time, I would love to see a week on nutrition and eating habits


I'd love to learn how to keep motivated.  My activity levels wax and wane, and as I get older I worry that will lead to injuries.


Thanks for hosting this forum! I am so excited to shop! 👏