Come on and join in on the fun and turn your walk into a Walking Bootcamp!


Walking will help you build your cardiovascular endurance and burn calories for weight loss. But incorporating a bit of resistance training during your walk is another way to increase your metabolism and build some muscle. You don’t need equipment to make this happen. In fact, bodyweight has been shown to be one of the most effective strength training tools available! This workout can be done anywhere, outdoors or inside. This workout can be done near home or when you travel. It’s a fun way to turn your walk into a sculpting session as well.


This is a tutorial of a workout that will alternate short, bursts of brisk walking with bodyweight sculpting exercises. You can walk at your own pace outside, pumping your arms and breathing through your mouth. Stop in a safe place to perform the strength moves. (You can use a treadmill and step off for the strength moves if you want to stay indoors.)


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