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What's in your DREAM postpartum / maternity closet?

Athleta Product Expert
Athleta Product Expert

Hi everyone! My name is Guen, one of your Athleta Product Experts here to help you navigate your style and product needs.


Finding the perfect postpartum and maternity clothes can be challenging. Your body is changing, and you need clothes that make you feel both comfortable and confident every single day.


Are you currently in the postpartum stages? Or perhaps you've gone through this in the past.


If you had a magic wand, what would make your clothes perfect for maternity and postpartum?


Would you give your favorite leggings more stretch in the waistband? Or put absorbent cups in your blouses? Maybe add more chic patterns to your maternity dresses?


Tell us in the comments below what would make your clothes perfect for you and your needs. Our designers want to hear from you, so don't hold back!