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Do you have Social Jetlag?


How is your weekend going?  Hope it’s safe and relaxing.  Do you tend to sleep later on the weekends?  Have you heard of “social jetlag” which can feel just like regular jetlag.   Sometimes we tend to stay up later on the weekends to hang out and socialize with friends and family.  Then we sleep in the following morning which can push our bedtime even later that evening.  By the time Monday rolls around it can be harder to get back on one’s normal routine.  In general I recommend to stay on a regular schedule with a 30 min window of wiggle room to sleep in.  Thankfully this weekend is a long weekend so we’ll have more time for safe socializing with our loved ones during the day.  Sleep well my friends!  Please let me know what think and how you sleep on the weekends in the comments below. 



I haven't heard this term "Social Jetlag" but it definitely resonates with me! While I've heard to stay within a 30 min window of your sleep schedule, even on weekends, I have the hardest time staying disciplined to stick to it. 


I understand needing to get to sleep within that window, and even if I do fall asleep on my weekday schedule,  waking up late feels sooo good on the weekends! Even if I feel really tired, should I try to get up early/at the same time?


Thanks for this insight, @Valerie_C !

Great question @Margie!  I am totally with you with sleeping in on the weekends, especially in the wintertime when it gets a little cooler.  My bed is so cozy and honestly one of my favorite places to be.  So it really depends if you truly need to be strict about that 30 min window.  I would ask yourself if sleeping in makes you feel more groggy, less alert during the morning and/or keep you from falling asleep at night.  I like to think of sleep as fuel.  If the following day is going to be a Sunday Funday with a late brunch, some shopping and chill time at home with your favorite book, then you probably can function fine with sleeping in.  However some people feel more sluggish from sleeping in and they can't really bounce back and then find themselves sleeping later that night perpetuating this cycle.  If sleeping in doesn't create any issues, then no need to change it.  Hope this helps!


I fall into this trap almost weekly 😂


Luckily by Tuesday I'm usually back into my normal routine... Until the following Monday.

Awareness is the first step to change and it's good you are able to bounce back pretty quickly