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Hello! Does anyone have a body pillow they like to sleep with? I'm recently single so I now find myself spooning my pillow to sleep. I was also looking into a weighted stuffed animal
I really want to become a morning person but find it so difficult. I usually sleep until the very last minute and wake up super tired. Even when my body naturally wakes up, I can't bring myself to actually get up. I'd love to have a consistent wake u...
For the giveaway, I've been trying to unplug before bed. This is really hard for me because I get anxiety before bed so I use my phone as distraction. But I've swapped my phone/tv for a book instead. Excited to keep trying this out the rest of the we...
Where are good places to vacation alone? Looking for a generally safe place, that's both fun and relaxing. I'm also a foodie so good local restaurants are a plus!!
Looking for some easy to care for indoor plants and care tips. I have a fiddle tree fig and found bottom watering every 10-14 days is working!