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Anyone feeling nervous about being in public places since the pandemic? Besides the fear of getting covid, just the thought of socializing and talking with a lot of people has made me extremely nervous. I find I keep to myself and not talk
I'm back at the gym looking to tone and lose some weight. Does anyone have recommendations on supplements to take to help? I've heard creatine and pre-workout helps but kind of lost on what's necessary/the best brands
It's getting dark again, and I can feel my depression creeping up. This season I'm going to try Vitamin D, but does anyone have more tips on what I can do to help cope/beat the dark? - Thanks!
My sinuses have been messing with me lately, so I want to get it under control asap. What are your go-to home remedies when you start to feel under the weather? Would love to share what we do when we aren't feeling our best. My mom would make me lemo...
I hate to say it, but I hate going to my doctors. 9 times out of 10, my doctor visits are either traumatizing, my feelings/symptoms get invalidated, or pills and medication are being thrown at me. I really just dread going to the doctor now because i...