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As a woman's health coach that specializes in midlife and menopause I've heard it all...or I thought I had until I started experiencing what feels like being shocked with a live wire. It's these little pops that feel like something is zapping my skin...
Want more fitness strategies past age 50? Guide Karen helps you get familiar with a cycle or rest and exertion to help you recover properly. How do you recover from physical activity?
As you evolve, so do your needs. Guide, Karen explains how to approach and pay attention to evolving needs as you experience new things: menopause, stress, intimacy, and more. What areas have you noticed need a little more TLC? Not signed up for our ...
One of the biggest things I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is the power of NO. The power of creating boundaries. And the power of understanding my needs as I change, as my body changes, and as my lifestyle changes. When you put those three powers to...
Cooking for one can be easy, healthy, cost-effective, and a major time-saver. I love batch cooking on Sundays, and one meal that I add to my meal planning week over week are egg bites! Just start with your muffin tin, 12 eggs, salt & pepper and your ...