Join me, Yoga Guide Sarah Ezrin, for a very special Sleepytime Flow and Yoga Nidra (Sleep!) practice for Sleep Week.


I’ve never been a great sleeper. Add in becoming a mom, and regardless of if my kid is sleeping, I still seem to be up, worrying about everyone and everything. This isn’t unique to mothers, either. Many women find themselves in the caretaker role in their work or families, and it’s exhausting! Too bad we can’t sleep.


This sequence will get your body and mind relaxed and ready for bed in under 20 minutes! We’ll start by warming up all parts of the spine, get into a few stretches for the hamstrings, hips, and shoulders, and then end with a little Yoga Nidra, which is the yogi version of a guided relaxation.


Drop any Q’s/Comments below. I’d also love to know what tools you use to help yourself get a good night’s sleep.


Enjoy and sweet dreams!


Top: Nighttime Bliss Sleep Cami 

Bottom: Nighttime Bliss Sleep Short