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    Yoga after dental surgery



    Im post-op from fairly intense dental/sinus surgery and really missing my yoga practice. Can anyone suggest a few asanas that don’t involve leaning or bending forward or lying flat? Thanks for any help. 

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     :::Seated:::: -easy seat -bound angle -one leg straight other bent with sole of foot touching straight leg :::Variations add to seated poses or just standing upright::: -eagle arms (with or without twist) -goddess arms with neutral head (with or without twist) -twist regular arms -lifting arms up and bring down to sides ::Can also in standing ( feet wider than hip distance, slight bend of knees and hands on hips) move pelvis fwd and back keeping upper back and head more neutral, maybe if it feels ok small hip circles:: ::Standing:: Tree pose Yoga Teacher for 7 years here ( Hope this helps ❤️ and only do what feels good in your body)