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Total Shoulder replacment, return to yoga yet?


I had the above mentioned surgery 11 weeks ago, I am desperate to get back in a yoga studio and start practicing again. I am not sure if I can/should. Would love to hear from anyone who has expertise in this area.


I’m a Physical Therapist, I’m assuming you did some PT after your surgery? I would first clear it with your surgeon, and then a knowledgeable PT should be able to tell you what’s safe, or how to modify poses that you aren’t able to safely do yet.

another PT here! Definitely second my cohort here on clearing with the surgeon. Usually can do light things 10-12 weeks out. I highly recommend finding a yoga instructor who is familiar working with joint replacements or better yet, a PT who has an RYT or medical therapeutic yoga certification or background. They usually have some extra insight on how to modify things safely and get maximum benefit.

good for you


I'm a PT as well and agree with the above replies. Your PT should be able to help you start working toward those yoga specific goals when appropriate, but likely could start doing some of the poses that aren't involving the shoulder. Finding a PT with a yoga cert would likely be your best route.


I've had a total right shoulder replacement 8 years ago.   I agree with asking your PT for advice.   I do pilates 4 times a week.  And have for the last 2 years.  I've also had two hip replacements.   Shoulder replacement recovery is a long recovery I found.  Best regards.


Get cleared by your Surgeon and a PT. I teach Yoga and Pilates, I would recommend pilates over yoga after a joint replacement. Many Pilates Instructors with with PT's, it's more common than Yoga Instructor's doing so. Pilates is also more rehabilitative and could help you work towards your yoga goals, the 2 disciplines really compliment one another. Stay safe & healthy.