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Too Old to Start Yoga? (60+)


What should I know before starting yoga in my mid 60s? I'm not sure if I'm flexible enough to do some of the moves.


And what benefits do other older women find from starting yoga? 



Definitely give it a try! My favorite thing about yoga is that there is no "ideal" form for each pose-- the ideal is what works for you and your body. Good yoga instructors should provide modifications for each pose so you can adjust for what fits your body. For example, in downward dog, you can bend your knees if straightened legs doesn't feel right (which it doesn't for most people starting yoga!).


I also really recommend yoga blocks, or just a stack of books, to help bring the ground up to you on poses where you want support. Let us know how your your first yoga class goes, I'm excited for you!


Hi!  The beauty of Yoga is that you can do many variations of yoga no matter your age, size, flexibility... I would definitely suggest taking a few yoga for beginners classes or even a workshop if there is a studio in your area offering it, or you can find some online. Yoga can help you increase strength and balance, reduce stress, increase heart health, increase the mind body connection and so much more.  There are so many kinds of yoga so check out the different styles to see what works for you.  If you can doing a few private sessions may be helpful to get you familiar with some of the asanas and have a better understanding of your personal aligment.  Remember that any classes you do take, everything the instructor is offering is just a suggestion, so take what you need ane leave what you don't. It is a judgment free space and no two bodies will look the same in any posture so don't look around the room and compare yourself to anyone else...just do you.  Lastly, I love props such as blocks and straps to assist in helping to bring the floor closer to you and assisitng in flexibility.  I posted a video on Yoga with Blocks which you might find helpful.  Remember, yoga is about the mind body connection the asanas are just a part of the practice but not he focus.  Here is the link to video...enjoy!


Take a look at the "Yoga After 50" book by Larry Payne, Ph.D. It is available in the King County library system.  It has good discussions about poses and modifications. Have fun and do what works for you!