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    Teaching to same students multiple times a week


    Hey guys -

    As you all know, putting together a yoga class can be time consuming - developing the sequence, playlist and sutra. I currently have a  situation where I teach to the same students 2 or 3 times a week. Do you find that students don't mind repeating a class? Any tips you can share so that I don't have to create 3 classes a week? 



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    Not an instructor, but I could give you my POV from a student! I go to one specific class 2-3x per week and they are typically pretty similar with a few different exercises swapped in and out. I do appreciate the small changes. 🙂 


    I have maybe 20 classes developed, and then I just rotate between them -- choosing 3 different ones each week.  I find when I mention it that my students don't remember what they did the previous class.

    Thanks Wendy! As a new Yoga teacher I have around 10 or so. I have people coming twice week and was feeling bad using the same class for the week. Great suggestion!


    I use to get really nervous when I would see the same students a few times in a week, but honestly I think that some people actually like to try to get deeper into flow by repeating it few times.  I use to take a Staurday monring class for 8 months with the same teacher and he taught the same class every Saturday, he even used the same playlist.  The class was packed with a wait list every weekend.  I personally like to at least change the music and maybe add a small plot twist here and there, basically variations on a theme.  I typically work with a flow for a month and then move on.


    I teach mat pilates with a few yoga elements. I have my "base routine" that I can do without thinking....then each week I add a new move/exercise.....once I started loving those new ones I had enough to chose from so I can rotate them without my students knowing what comes next. I also play with starting slow and repeating the same movement but faster. Keeps them engaged plus we really master the move with the slow-fast . So remember, time is your variation too and it's a good one.


    I have an AM class and a PM class. My AM one is more flow and energetic. The PM one, I try to make a little more cooling and hatha focused. But I still might have it be similar focus on poses - like peak pose of Half Moon Bind ... or Hamstring focus ...