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Looking for ALL your beginner yoga tips (nutrition included!)


Hi! I never consistently worked out before but just started going to yoga classes 2x a week. I'm hoping to improve my flexibility and mobility, while relieving stress, but I'm not always sure the best approach to take when it comes to pre-workout (and post-workout) nutrition, and what else I should be doing (on my own time) to keep the momentum going. It can be discouraging when everyone else can do these complicated poses but I'm still struggling to touch my toes! Any suggestions for at-home tips to do when I'm not at yoga?  What do you recommend eating before/after doing yoga? Is it a bad idea to eat beforehand? 



Hi @lucydogmom! I started yoga for the first time about 4 years ago and it was definitely intimidating to start-- there are so few yoga classes really aimed at the true beginner, and it can be frustrating to learn the poses in a class aimed for intermediate-advanced yogis. My advice would be to show up a little early to your next class and let your instructor know that you are newer to the practice and could use some extra modification tips. My favorite thing about yoga is that each pose looks different for each person, and good instructors should provide modification options so you can practice to the best of your ability. Try not to compare yourself to others around you and instead focus on what is making you feel good in each pose. Maybe @Margeaux_H has some more advice on this topic?


@Alexis_C, any advice on nutrition for yoga?

Hi Lucy! I’m 53 and pretty new to yoga but after two years of working on my practice, I signed up for teacher training. I love it! I was also intimidated at first because I worked out for years in group classes at the gym which definitely feel more competitive. Kay’s advice is great. Pay attention to the way the poses feel in your body rather than how you look compared to everyone else. As long as you’re practicing good alignment, you will gradually find more ease in difficult poses. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class and take advantage of props like blocks, straps, and blankets. As for nutrition, my studio recommends not eating at least an hour before class and try to avoid overly processed food.


Hi Lucy! Congratulations on starting yoga! It is absolutely life changing. The most important thing is: doing the full fancy expression of the pose isn’t important yet. What is important is “trying the right way!” As long as you are giving honest effort, you will get all the benefits of the practice, no matter how it looks. Hydration is also really important. Carry a water bottle at all times. Drinking in class doesn’t do much except quench immediate thirst - try to drink throughout the day so you are hydrated BEFORE class starts. Try not to eat for 2-3 hours before class. A piece of fruit or other small easily digestible thing is ok an hour before if you need it. Your appetite will change the more you practice - you will crave different and healthier foods as you get more in touch with your body. You don’t need to “carbo load” or anything like that for yoga. Strive to be well nourished whatever that looks like for you, and don’t go into class with a full belly because you will be uncomfortable. About me: I am a yoga teacher and have had a daily yoga practice for 13 years. Before I started I couldn’t touch my toes. Now I can do the splits. Just go slow and steady. Yoga is about you and your relationship to yourself, not about looking impressive. You can also buy a book with poses and practice at home between studio classes. See what you enjoy and what poses may be harder and just learn from that (no stress - even now after many years there are still poses I am working on). And love yourself where you are right now! You are embarking on a wonderful journey. Read about about yoga philosophy too - it will really enhance your life. Best wishes. Love, Jane 


Hi Lucy! I'm a physical therapist and often recommend Yoga with Adriene especially for beginners and/or those looking for some guided practice at home. I love that you can pick the length of the session, different body parts to work on, or even based on your mood (the "Yoga for when you're angry" is one of my favorites!). She gives appropriate cues and I feel her videos are safe for a wide population. I also post a Monday Mobility series on my PT instagram page, @ am_dpt and have a mobility highlight you're welcome to check out as well! Lastly, I'd definitely recommend eating something maybe 30 min to 1 hour before yoga (*especially if its hot yoga!*), with a focus on complex carbs or protein and make sure you hydrate before, during, and after! 


IT’s recommended that you don’t eat or do a strenuous workout less than 2 hours before a yoga practice. That being said you can have something light if you’re very hungry a little yogurt or fruit or nuts. Keep in mind if the practice will involve forward bends you will get a pain in your abdominal if you ate too much before the class.  
with regards to becoming more flexible in your yoga practice it will take time. Be kind and gentle with yourself. If you keep your body relaxed and exhale into the pose you will become more flexible. 


Hi, Yoga is called a 'practice' because it is an exercise for the body and the mind. When we are on the mat, we are often encouraged not to look around nor judge ourselves or compare ourselves to others by making our time on the mat a mind/body experience. After exercise, I often have a high-protein snack or smoothie. The protein encourages the building of muscles, something I want to encourage even more of as I age. There are lots of healthy protein-rich smoothie recipes out there. The best part is, as you build muscle, your practice will improve. 


Hi @lucydogmom! I started practicing yoga at 51 and could not touch my toes either. 😅  For nutrition before yoga practice I suggest eating light about an hour before practice.   Be sure to include healthy fats, protein and maybe some complex carbs for some energy.  The fats and protein will last through your practice and be sure to avoid processed/added sugar- that will just give you a hunger pang later.   Don't forget to hydrate!  At home, simple body stretches to get the blood moving, inhale reach up, side bends, mini back bend and a forward fold.   I also love child's pose to stretch the back and hips.   In time,  your body will open up.   I have now been practicing for 10 years and I can touch my toes 😊 and have since become a 200 hr certified instructor. Remember the mantra "your body, your practice". I encourage you to be consistent, kind and patient with yourself and enjoy the journey and celebrate every nano inch of mobility.


Hi Lucy

I am a yoga teacher from India.Firstly Congrats on finding Yoga. 

In the beginning twice a week practice is perfect it can help you find balance in the body and the mind.

I personally feel if you are looking for transformation eventually if you can find a way to fit either a Asana ( physical) practice or some of the other limbs of yoga.

Yes if you want the body to transform eating clean helps .Does not have to be a vegetarian diet, but more importantly home cooked as much as you can. 

If you practice in the morning which is the most  ideal practice before breakfast. Or else wait for at least 2 to 3 hours after a meal.

I always advise my students to practice at home every day even if they can't make it to a studio or teacher.

Most importantly enjoy the process and it will happen.




Lucy!! Please contact me-

i got you!!! 🩵🩵🙏🏼


I have been practicing yoga now for over 10 years.  Sometimes I can’t believe it.  I have always been active, and unfortunately had to give up running.(long story)  keep in mind it is called a practice.  Practice is the perfect teacher. There will be some days you can stand on one foot and fly, other days child’s pose might be all you can do. But don’t be scared to try poses that might be complicated. Practice!  I tend not to eat before I practice. Lots of water before and after. Usually after yoga I will have a protein shake or fruit with granola,  I always think, if I put this effort into doing yoga, treat myself with love and be mindful of what goes into the body, I hope you continue to grow in your practice,