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4 steps to taking your yoga off the mat


Today, I had the privilege of speaking at Athleta's annual AthletaQuest event! The last time I taught at one of these, I was pregnant with my first son, so it felt very circle being there pregnant with number two.


Here's a little sneak peak of the amazing morning-


We spoke about how to take our yoga off the mat and that at it's core yoga is about connection (despite what popular media wants us to think it's about!). Here are 4 tips on ways you can practice yoga off the mat. P.S. These are also studied solutions to stress!


1. Breathe- our breath is inextricably linked  to our nervous system.

2. Connect- with yourself, or someone you love, or something 

3. Move- this doesn't have to be 2 hr flow! Simply standing up and shaking it out for a few minutes makes a big difference

4. Give yourself 90 minutes- it takes 90 minutes for an emotion to work through us. Let it flow through you using the steps above


Let me know your fave ways to de-stress.