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You To Do: What are 3 things you’re really proud of that you’ve done this week?


Hello all! Resolution season is upon us and with it all of the messages about how we need to change ourselves. So I wanted to check in and offer an invitation to pause and consider what you've done well this week. If you're a journaler - write down three things that you feel good about having done. If you're not a journaler, you can simply think through three things.  


You might notice when you start to do this that you're very aware of what you haven't done well. Those thoughts are likely to come up, and that's okay. Whenever they do, I would encourage you to notice the thoughts and then come back to considering what you're proud of.


Whatever you're proud of doesn't need to be some "big" thing. Maybe you took a walk, or meditated for a couple of minutes. Every brick is a foundation to build on, and if we continually dismiss what efforts we've made then we won't get very far.  


I hope you'll share here what you're proud of here so that we can all rally each other on! 


"Once you've acknowledged what you've done well, you can briefly consider what you might like to improve upon in the week ahead. Can you name one thing that you'd like to do differently? Keep it simple and actionable Make New Year Resolutions Work for You 



Gosh, three things I'm proud of? I really don't know!

I guess we could start with recovery: I'm recovering from a traumatic injury and as a fit pro, that's a hard place to be.  So, I was able to do the following (which I haven't been able to do for 6 weeks):

1. 2-min plank

2. torso rotation from a standing position

3. extend my right arm fully (though at a 45-degree angle)


For me, right now, progress is victorious.  I'll take baby steps as giant victories.


What do I want to do differently? 

-worry less

-drink more water (who doesn't?)

@FitnessWithJess - thank you for sharing! Baby steps are everything!! We can't run a marathon without first taking a single step. I personally had back surgery earlier in the year and having patience with my body while I build recovery has been an exercise in being kind toward myself and in showing appreciation for what I am able to do.


Meanwhile, worrying less? You're talking my language! Disengaging from the behavior of worry is at the center of my work. I don't have a resource on AthletaWell that's directly related to dropping worry, though I do talk about disengaging from comparison (another mental behavior) in my 5 minute meditation here. The practices are essentially the same. If disengaging from worry is something you'd like to hear more about, I'd be happy to keep that in mind for upcoming content on AthletaWell. Let me know.



Meanwhile, I wish you the best in your recovery. 

Recovering from an injury is so hard.   I had shoulder surgery 2 years ago and it a lot out of me to recover.  During the recovery process, my shoulder froze and it didn't thaw for nearly another year.   It is so hard to stay positive and keep taking the baby steps. You can do it.  Every little step is progress.  Remember with each recover you can backslide and that's totally normal.  Keep it up!



1.  Tried the Contrast Shower- hot water then cold, then hot then cold, etc.

2. Took a deep look into myself with AthletaWell and loved it.

3.  Took some me time, guilt-free.

I love that you listed your pride in yourself for taking "me time"!!! That isn't easy or intuitive for many of us and really recognizing yourself for taking on that challenge is central to continuing to carve out time for  and support ourselves. ❤️ May that be something that you're proud of ongoing!


3 Things I'm proud  I've accomplished this week:

1.Embraced my yoga workouts with a sense of calm and willingness to take time for myself to workout.

2.Starting to reevaluate what it is I want to change this year and moving forward.

3.Knowing I will get through obstacles if I take a step back and have confidence.



@Smag23 - I really appreciate you're proud of your process around reevaulating. Starting this consideration is so necessary and sets the foundation for the change to come. So often people get caught in all or none thinking, believing they should be able to completely shift everything overnight. The reality is that each step on the journey is cause for celebration!


Got stitches out from recent surgery and back on the road to healing.

Reached out to a friend who is going thru a rough patch and offering support.

Thinking more about healthy eating habits.


@SherryW07 - Fabulous! One of the things that stood out to me about your list is the fact that you mentioned reaching out to a friend to offer support. So often we discount our accomplishments when they don't get us further toward some lofty goal. The reality is, though, that true pride in ourselves comes from prioritizing the qualities that are reflective of the kind of people that we want to be. Living in alignment with these qualities can help us develop an overarching contentment independent of life circumstances.


Reached out to my sister in law who is going through a very rough time.  I was very resistant due to loads of drama but I just put in my listening hat.

Took my dogs for a snow hike (I hate snow) and really enjoyed being out in nature.

signed up for Obe’

@YogiCassie - how wonderful that you were able to enjoy nature, even though the snow part of your nature experience wasn't ideal. And how amazing that you don't like stop you from enjoying things that you care about. ❤️


Oh boy, 3 things.....that's hard! 


1. worked out every morning

2. did not eat sugar

3. feel good about how I handled some difficult situations - of course always room for improvement 🙂

@TraceyL82 - so important to recognize what you see you did well. To your point, there's always room for improvement, and we can also reflect on that regularly. That said, focusing solely on what we want to change and ignoring what we're proud of doesn't support our growth. 


I talk about this more in my video Focusing on You


1.  strength trained every day this week

2.  wrote in gratitude journal and did daily affirmations

3.  read every night before bed

@mswood - accessing gratitude can be so supportive of our overarching wellness. Hats off to you for taking the time to reflect - both here on AthletaWell and on your own too. 😊


(1) I have been consistent with my exercise routine

(2) I have been drinking 60+ ounces of water each day

(3) I have cut down on my snacking

Way to go! Prioritizing self-care - for example meeting needs like hydration - is such a great way to support ourselves.


Well, I went to write the thank you note to my body, and I thought I wasn't going to be able to do it because of some negative thoughts. But as I kept writing, it DID end up being a thank you note, and it felt good to get it all out on paper. I also moved in different ways this week, and I've kept up with this workshop each day!

Thank you for sharing! The fact that you had the negative thoughts and didn't allow them to deter you from your mission to write the thank you letter to your body is totally inspiring! 


I stepped out of my box this week in 2 ways!  I went to another person's class.  I usually just do my own workouts but I tried a new class and I liked being on the other side and enjoying without teaching! I also went to my first meet up and met lots of wonderful people!

How neat that you went to a meet up and were able to build some connections. Developing fulfilling relationships with others is so central to our overall well-being.


We’ll, I suffered a fracture in December so all 3 are related to my recovery.  I made progress with my physical therapy exercises, I bought a band set to do some upper body work and I am finding creative ways to do more for myself around the house.  Small victories but I’ll take them!



I'm not sure if you saw but @lam_9801 and @fitnesswithjess both talked about taking steps related to recovering from injuries, too. Small victories are what lead to big victories!


For me:  (1) I tracked my food even though I didn't always eat the best, (2) I exercised every day, and (3) I went to bed earlier to try to get more sleep.

Getting to bed early is such a challenge for so many of us. It's beautiful that you were able to take care of yourself that way this week ❤️


1. Stayed off of facebook

2. called my doctor to discuss my options to treat my endometriosis. I'm trying to re-assess how the next couple of years are going to go.  I've had an incredibly difficult last couple of weeks hormonally and I'm really trying to focus on making small changes in my day to day life to help this phase of my life.  Perimenopause/Menopause Journey has been a bumpy road the this last month.

3. joined and participated every day in something on this digital retreat.  

While I'm sorry to hear that it's been a bumpy road the last month, I am so taken by your persistence in trying to support yourself through it. ❤️ Life transitions are tricky, ones that involve hormones seem infinitely trickier, especially when you're dealing with a related health condition. Way to show up for yourself!!

Thank you.❤️  I've been battling endo for a years.  I had an ovary and tubes removed 4 years ago Things were great for 3 years, but things got worse over the last year.   I only have pain debilitating pain when I get my period.  Things have been spacing out so it is infrequent.   My doctor was thinking things were nearing the end.   I've had terrible reactions to hormones in the past.  I've tried to muddle through, but things continue to get worse.  So, I've decided to do something different and see if it helps!  Crossing My fingers!

My fingers are crossed for you as well 🤞


Three things I did this week for me

The hot/cold shower - very invigorating

yoga 3 times this week

spent time just being 

I love that your yoga practice was supplemented with just being. Both sensational ways to care for yourself!!


Three things I did this week that I feel good about:

1.  I set a positive intention each morning and named something I'm grateful for.

2.  I increased my water intake.

3.  I stepped outside of my social comfort zone in a few different ways. 

I'm thankful to this series for motivating me to do these things!

I'm so glad that you're finding that participating in the wellness retreat has been beneficial!! How wonderful that you're being intentional in the way you're starting your days. And stepping outside of your comfort zone is how growth begins! Great stuff 😀


For me:  (1) I tracked my food even though I didn't always eat the best, (2) I exercised every day, and (3) I went to bed earlier to try to get more sleep.


Spent time personalizing workouts for others

Organized my calendar

created space for my own wellbeing by meeting with people for tea to working out doing my own stuff not a class I teach. 

Beautiful! Organizing the calendar can really help us in managing busy schedules. So glad that you made time in your schedule for you time, too. 


I purposely avoided this one last week for multiple reasons, though I do wish I had some good answers...I am in the "getting through each (work) day unscathed mode" lately. As far as working out, I'm recovering from a surgery which is preventing me from working out the way I'd like to, for me, doing some form of workout, though less, feels inadequate & hard to feel "proud"...I'm really working on trying to be more positive about this place I'm in, but it's a challenge most days.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for coming back and sharing @Krystyn13 ‌❤️‌  This video,Finding Your Inner Strength Through Injury Recovery, has some great advice about adapting to your body and a new work out. I think it has some great words of encouragement. Wishing you a speedy recovery, you got this!!

@Krystyn13 - I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a difficult time. Sometimes we may not feel proud of our accomplishments because we compare them to what we believe we “should” be able to do. The good news is that we needn’t feel pride in order to acknowledge what we have done. That may be things that we ordinarily take for granted. I hope that you can take time to acknowledge yourself for what you are doing. You came on here and showed up for yourself in that way ❤️