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    Keeping the momentum going...but first can we celebrate!


    For the last 10 days you have opted-in to participating in little magical moments that move you closer to your vision of wellbeing and that's no little thing to sweep under the rug! 


    And, if for some reason there is a little voice within, wondering "did I do enough?", Know that showing up for yourself (even if a little wobbly) will always be enough. So let's take a moment to celebrate with gratitude! I'd personally like to thank the AthletaWell Guides and team for creating a space that made kicking off the New Year thoughtful and kind! I'd also like to thank you for doing your best to show up for you!


    But now, I'd like to share five tips to help you continue showing yourself little magical moments of love and kindness that move you toward your wellness vision.

    • Write down your "why" and post on your bathroom mirror. I am a strong believer that some goals have to live outside of our head, because the brain can do some really sneaky minimizing. 
    • Remember big journeys begin with small steps: Let's take power from the "go big or go home narrative" and break your big goals down into incremental steps. You are more likely to achieve sustainable change and the insight and wisdom that you gain in the process will be priceless
    • Stay active in the AthletaWell community. Not only is the AthletaWell community an amazing space to ask for help and encouragement, it is an amazing space to get that support from women with similar goals, and my goodness the experts! You literally have access to some of the best experts in their respective fields who probably charge a pretty penny to meet with folks 1:1, so tap in and have fun!
    • End each week with a "Did It" list. Sometimes our momentum can be stifled when we focus on what we did not accomplish; but life happens and it happens often, so each week take a moment to recognise what you did accomplish, express your gratitude and celebrate accordingly. 
    • Remember that wellbeing is rooted in kindness. Schedule a daily calendar prompt ideally around noon with this prompt "What is the one thing that I can do for myself at this moment?" 

    With that said I hope you'll share here how you plan to keep your momentum!



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    intention will help push your accountability. Whenever you put out an intention at the beginning of the day while you are in more of a meditative state, everything you intended for will come to you in various ways. Intention is huge. Without it, you will not get as much success.