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    How can offering care support our wellbeing?


    Care webs are one of my favorite wellness tools because they ask us to think about how we give, receive and practice care. Care webs ask us to think about our relationship to community, belonging and wellbeing. 


    Wellness action item of the day: check in with one person in your life (neighbor, family member, coworker etc) and see if they have a desire to listen to/receive a menu of relationship—appropriate care actions of your creation.


    Create your own menu of care actions.


    Potential Care Action Menu:

    pick kids up from afterschool

    drop you off at ______ / bring you to ______

    go grocery shopping for you  

    support you with medical appts 

    cooking meals/meal prep 

    body doubling

    watching/spending time with kids 

    admin tasks 

    help organize home 


    Check in with the person about the list you offered and see if they have any care requests to make of you! 


    There are a buuuunch of care actions out there. be creative and mindful about your time, capacity and resources. notice the impact this has on your sense of belonging and the impact this has on the person receiving care. if you’re a person that’s desiring or needing care.


    Did this support you? Tell me how activities of service, kindness, and care make you feel as a giver and a receiver in the comments.”


    13 REPLIES 13


    I have 3 children, really young adults, and caring for them is the highlight of my life.  My oldest is on her own and my boys are still in college.  I find time to check on them, usually daily, and always separately, to give each their own space to tell me their highs and lows. They also support me in my day and check on me as well.   

    this is the SWEETEST and most caring part of all of your days. i feel and know it. wow. thank you for sharing this ritual with us. 


    Being able to pour into others is a great way to fill your cup.  As we get older and our kiddos are more independent it's nice to feel needed again!! 

    absolutely! the need to feel needed never disappears. it’s essential to our wellbeing. 


    having needs and needing care >> “ i have to do it all alone” mindset


    Today the kids all were off of school.  One of my son's friends always hosts the playdates.  Today I was able to reciprocate.  


    yes yes yes! i love this reciprocity. the saying “it takes a village” is soooo true. 


    i wonder what other kind of care magic will happen 👀


    I checked in with a friend who had a hip replacement surgery last week.  I’m going to bring over dinner and some NA beer.

    this friend will remember this. you will remember this. may you be rewarded in your own care a million times over. 


    Act of service, I taught people today and shared my energy to help them feel good, picked up the yard instead of my husband. 

    the feelings we can get from teaching others cannot be described. such important care work. 


    I checked in with a friend with breast cancer today.  Offered some positive energy and support when she needed to vent.  She thanked me for being there.   Made me feel great!

    that’s the magic of care! when we have the capacity and desire to do it, it offers nourishment to the people involved. THANK YOU!!!


    I take my next door neighbors kids to school each day. She is a nurse and he is a police officer. It is an immeasurable help to them and makes me feel good to be able to help. I also have several clients in their 90’s. I love being able to help them out with all kinds of things! Hope someone is there for me when I am 95!