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Has anyone ever used a laser helmet to combat hair loss? I'd love to hear anyone's experiences or thoughts. Thanks! 

I’m on treatment #9. I use mine 3-4 days a week. I don’t expect to see results for 4 months but will post updates as my treatments progress. 

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Hi hello! I make chocolate chip cookies regularly, but am trying to get out of my baking comfort zone and add to our holiday cookie list.  When I posted this question to my Instagram (@heatherdcRD), I loved seeing everyone's favorite holiday bakes! ... 

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Hi there! People keep asking me for dessert recipes with added health benefits. For example, people are adding flax seeds, bee pollen and other ingredients to “boost” their recipes. Any thoughts on this? 

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Has anyone been on birth control for a long time and gotten off of it? Was there any drastic body changes? My hormones have been out of whack the past 6 months and my acne is HORRIBLE for the first time in my life. I’ve been on BC since high school s... 

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Going off birth control did not help my hormonal acne. It just made my periods really heavy and long so I ended up getting a new IUD. Just giving my honest experience. Good luck! 

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ICYMI We hosted an event last month to explore how to set an intuitive eating intention for this holiday season! Part 2 of that event is happening on Thursday 12/2 -- join us by RSVPing here! I'd love for you to share your intention(s) here on this t... 

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This event series has been so amazing @Heather_C! My holiday intuitive eating intention is to eat to enjoy, not to overindulge. I tend to overeat on holidays, and then I sleep all day because I'm so full. I want to enjoy the day with family and frien... 

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I just had my 1st baby 8 months ago & I was 39 years old when I delivered her. I am feeling frustrated at how my body feels after this pregnancy. I thought I would be feeling better by now. My public bone keeps going out of place & my hips are so ach... 

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Please have grace for yourself. I know it seems like your timeline should be different... everyone I think goes through that "why is this taking so long?!" phase, but you really do have to recover from a complete body shift and change. I would defini... 

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Hi AthletaWell community! We’re so excited to introduce you to our friends at Frame! Frame is a mental health platform on a mission to make therapy and connecting with therapists more approachable and accessible. Frame is sparking conversations aroun... 

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Yes, flipping the pillow over to the cool side...or my all time favorite: Blanket on/blanket off! 

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Since we are in "Sleep Week" I figured I would share what has worked for me in the hope it may help someone else out as well. Nobody said anything about insomnia as something to expect during menopause. Sleep has never been an issue for me but Just w... 

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Has anyone heard or tried Kindra’s sleep enhancing supplement? The company is focused on helping women during menopause. I have been reading their blogs and decided to try it. Used it once last night and I had an excellent night of sleep. The first i... 

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