women’s heart disease

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Thank you for bringing up an important topic @FitnessByRita. We would love to hear any tips you have or, let's see if other members have advice on the topic! 

Although I’m heathy and fit, I suffer from erratic HBP. I suffered a stroke and a rare renal heart disease called Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD). I am now taking BP medication that has lowed my numbers and I take my BP daily. I’m 67 and I teach Pilates, Barre and HIIT six days a week. I don’t drink alcohol and bought a treadmill to keep the blood moving. I never thought this would happen to me but it is a silent disease. I’m grateful for my life. One thing I was told to do and that is slow down. I used to also teach cycling daily. Now, I still cycle but I’m not that aggressive. I also don’t lift heavy. I stay below 25 pounds. Heart disease isn’t visible all of the time. So, I want to encourage mindfulness. Make time in your life for stretching and breathing. And enjoy the Athleta soft clothing lines that are comfortable.

Wow I am so sorry to hear about HBP and FMD, but I hope you are doing much better now. Our bodies are so loud and clear (a little to loud sometimes lol) about the things that we need to do to best take care of ourselves! I think its so nice that you found a balance in your life to both do the things you love, while listening to your body. Mindfulness is such a key and a great lesson for all of us! Thank you so much for sharing your story ❤️ @FitnessByRita 


I have high blood pressure particularly under stressful situations.  I am normal weight 123 lbs, 5'4" and I go to the gym daily either for a cardio, yoga, pilates, or barre class and I have been doing some weight lifting, TRX, and resistance training as well.  I hike weekly with a group in the winter (4-6 mi) and bike (20 mi) in the summer.  I eat a plant strong diet and have finally resigned to medication to help bring it down.  I take a very small dose of a diuretic.  I have a strong family inclination to high blood pressure and feel like I've done everything I could do on my own.  Both parents and at least 2 of my siblings took/take medication. But I also take a supplement, nitric oxide. It helps to open blood vessels to lower pressure.  Every BP reading I take is not perfect but in general much lower than it has been in awhile. Stress does seem to aggravate it and lately I tend to have less patience to injustices I perceive against me...hence the calmer mind body connection classes.   

If you have erratic BP, sometimes high and sometimes super high and then sometimes normal, you might ask your doctor if you might have FMD. Fibromuscular dysplasia is basically a female disease and erratic BP is the known sign. It is considered a rare disease but actually they are finding out it is very common but many doctors are not trained in it. It requires diagnostic tests, especially a CT scan w contrast and a duplex ultrasound. FMD is totally different than CAD, or coronary artery disease, which is mostly plaque in the arteries. Many doctors assume patients have CAD due to HBP but don’t take the initiative to check for FMD. There is also the sad understanding that FMD is hereditary. FMD has restrictions in life but woman still live long lives and can avoid aortic dissections, heart attacks, stroke. Etc. Best of luck with you❤️❤️❤️