do you change your skincare with the seasons?

Curious to hear if you change your skincare with the changing of the weather— do you use different products in the autumn 🍂 vs the summer☀️? I’m newer to forms skincare - I use cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. Eye cream at night and once weekly charcoal mask for pores. Thoughts for transitioning into autumn as the weather gets cooler and dryer? Thanks for your thoughts!

Because I have acne prone skin, my routine stays the same except my moisturizer. In summer I do a light moisturizer like Cerave and in cool months I use something heavier like First Aid Beauty

Thanks for these brand recs @NillaMarie I’ll take a look 👀 

Gotta echo @NillaMarie with the acne prone skin - also same. I will stay with the same routine - oily prone skin as well. I use products from the Natural Acne Clinic. I use a mandelic wash, salicylic toner, and go off between a mandelic serum and benzoyl peroxide at night. I use their same moisturizer and I love their tinted spf moisturizer they sell, really feel that keeps oil at bay. I’ve also used some of their clay masks when my skin gets more oily. I think it would make sense for most to tack on more moisturizer in the winter months. But I also know of the reasons that I will get oilier at times and it comes down to what I eat. Anytime I have a bad eating week i.e. foods with omega6 oils (canola oil, peanut oil, corn oil), my skin seems to be break out more and be oilier. I definitely recommend keeping a good diet and taking some good skin supplements like vitamin A to help as well 🙂

Thanks @Laxergirl9 - your post reminded me how important our diets can be to our overall skin health. I used to work at Sephora and one thing to remember (that I frequently forget) is that our skin changes as we change. I've started to try and book a consultation with a Sephora skincare specialist annually to check in and make sure the products I'm using still make sense given my needs. You can even walk in and book an appointment.