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Hi! I'm getting invisalign in a few weeks, but have a problem with tongue thrusting and don't want to open my bite any further. Does anyone have tongue tips / exercises? Or should I see a specialist (...speech pathologist ?). Also any tips with invis... 

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I will be turning 63 and have not had a well woman check since I was 40. How do I find a good doctor my doctor retired and had a bad experience years ago trying to find a new one and never went back. Need help, do I even need to get a check up? 

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Hi, I am actually looking for guidance through Pregnancy. I feel very alone at this stage-none of the "phases of life" options signing up matched this. But I need to now balance, work, being a wife and being pregnant. I could use guidance on best wor... 

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I call customer service and I’m told the BPA reports aren’t conclusive, even though here is a conclusive government report listing the items that were tested. Also the report states the issue are products made with spandex and polyester, which incl... 

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Wondering - what’s the latest on the BPA issue? Is it an issue? Is the research accurate? Is there need for concern? Why hasn’t Athleta weighed in? I’m a long time, loyal customer and I’d like to know what’s going on. Sadly, I will not be buying from... 

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I am a literal die hard Athleta customer. I'm very concerned about the recent study showing extremely high levels of BPA found in Athleta clothing. How are we going to address this? It's been scientifically proven that BPA mimics estrogen and is harm... 

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anyone have any tips for what to eat or supplements to combat the midsection weight that suddenly appears in your late 40s? Very active and eating healthy but just can’t seem to make it go. Everyone says it’s a hormonal thing. Anyone find something... 

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