back to school is coming AND dealing with first periods!


Hi AthletaWell fam! With back to school approaching, nerves are already starting to ramp up in our house. On top of all of the stress and uncertainty of being a student during the pandemic, my middle school daughter is beginning to navigate puberty. Some of her friends' moms said their girls started their periods this summer, and my daughter hasn't yet, and I wonder if she will soon. Any tips on how to get her ready and how to talk to her about this time of her life? Should I sit down and talk with her, or is this information she wants to be getting from her friends instead of me? Would love to hear how everyone has these talks for getting prepared with their daughters. What worked for you?



Hi aquagal49,
Although not a parent, I definitely remember talking to my sister about that stuff and how that made me feel. If I were in your shoes, I would
1. Ask her if would like to talk anything related to her body, if she has any questions
2. Ask her if she's uncomfortable talking about those things with you if there's another member in the family she would feel better talking to.
3. I would also ask her what she's learning currently in health class and see if she has further questions on that.
I feel like perhaps giving her space to make choices on whether she is ready and wants that information is crucial, as I recall it made me feel safer and like it was easier to open up when my sister did the same.
I hope this helps!
*I am not a professional in any sense. All advice is coming from my heart

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thanks so much for chiming in @Mxiety - really helpful advice to potentially hear from other family members if she doesn't want to talk directly to mom. also a good point to see what they are covering in school curriculum!

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Before I actually got my first period, my mom gave me this book to explore. I was able to read through it and come to her when I was ready with questions. It really opened up the dialog between me and my mom. This gave me more understanding of periods and when it came to me and my friends having periods, I wasn't so confused!




I haven't reread the book since elementary, so there may be better and more informative reads out there (this is just what my mom gave me at the time). A book, blog, or even a youtube channel could be a great segway to the larger conversation! @aquagal49 

My niece is reading that book now!

@kathleenruns id love to hear what your niece says about the book or if any good conversations come out of it 💕

OMG yay! It could really make her feel more comfortable talking about period and puberty topics, I hope she enjoys it! @kathleenruns 

I’ve never seen this one! Thanks @Vanessa