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    What does WELLNESS mean to you?

    As a medical doctor trained in traditional western medicine I have a reflex to define wellness as the absence of disease. Through my work as a wellness consultant I am coming to realize that wellness is so much MORE than the absence of disease and I can argue that if you have a chronic disease you can also LIVE WELL. Wellness to me means making healthy choices that are authentic to my values and nourishes my body, mind and soul. Wellness is our outlook when we wake up in the morning, the intentions we set for our day, how we communicate with those around us, the way we move our body, the food and drinks we consume, what we use to entertain ourselves, and also the quality of sleep we have at night. Wellness can be all encompassing and multifaceted however it also doesn’t need to be complex. Try making one small decision at a time towards your wellness goal(s). Myself along with the other Althletawell guides are here to support you on this journey. Please let me know how YOU define wellness and what your next step will be. My wellness goal for now is to drink more water 💦
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    Check out our 5 days of play, “Be Well Bingo” for ideas on you can get started on your wellness journey.


    Wellness is having a positive mindset, and leading a healthy lifestyle through fitness and eating right. My goal is to start my own vegetable garden so I can enjoy fresh food 

    Love this! Yes to this ⬆️ I grew up in a rural part of CA and it was nice having a vegetable garden. I love seeing plants grow. Happy gardening!


    @Valerie_C - This is so true- Wellness to me is so much more than the absence of disease.  Wellness is a way of life.  From my mental health to my daily choices, they all make up my Wellness.  I try to be active, eat healthy, be part of my community, go to church, drink lots of water and still be me.  My wellness goal for the year is cut back on sugar and read labels!!