The last hour of the day is for YOU!


How do you spend the last hour of your day?


Honestly I believe the the last hour is all about ME.  It is my wind down time and when I transition from work/mommy-life into sleep.  Some days I sip on warm chamomile tea and read a relaxing book.  Other times I am guilty of scrolling through my social media feed or binging on a top 10 Netflix series.  Those shows are so addicting and entertaining!  And since we're being honest sometimes I do work and send emails up until I go to sleep.  Life can be a give and take and the decisions on how we spend our time can truly be impactful for our health and wellbeing.  It does clear up headspace for me not needing to carry unfinished work the following day.  My goal is to make sure it doesn't happen EVERY night or even the majority of the week days.  My intent for the last moments of the day is to have a calming ritual to shift my mind into a relaxing state before bedtime. 


To learn more about how I do this and what I recommend to my patients please check out my new sleep hygiene video that will be posted this week.  I'll discuss simple steps on how to create the ideal bedroom to support your sleep, how light from screens impacts your sleep, strategies for developing a wind down routine and even how food impacts your sleep.  Hope you find the tips useful and that it'll guide you towards better quality sleep!


Curious to learn how you spend the last hour of your day.  


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Community Manager

@Valerie_C I started listening to bedtime stories for adults (a podcast called Nothing Much Happens). A lot of times I need help redirecting my thoughts before bed to help ease me to sleep. Its been working and it's a really peaceful way to spend that last few moments before bed!

Thanks for sharing! Totally agree that bedtime stories are a great tool to calm the mind and drift off to sleep.