Setting (Intuitive) Eating Intentions for Your Holidays!


ICYMI We hosted an event last month to explore how to set an intuitive eating intention for this holiday season! Part 2 of that event is happening on Thursday 12/2 -- join us by RSVPing here! I'd love for you to share your intention(s) here on this thread, to check in with each other throughout these intense weeks of holiday celebrations!


If you haven't yet, read this Intuitive Eating 101 article as a refresher on IE! 


To set your holiday intuitive eating intention, think about these journal/meditation prompts: 

  • To you, what are holiday celebrations really about? (E.g. probably not counting calories!)
  • What are some holiday memories that come up for you when you think about food, body, and health (if any)? (E.g. have you spent past holidays stressed about food or movement?)
  • Which holiday meals / traditional foods are you most excited about? 

Share your thoughts and intention(s) below!


Two foundations of intuitive eating are satisfaction and body respect. What holiday intuitive eating intention could you focus on that allows you to enjoy satisfaction, and respect your body's needs?


(If you need some help with this,  join us live tomorrow!)


Community Manager
Community Manager

This event series has been so amazing @Heather_C! My holiday intuitive eating intention is to eat to enjoy, not to overindulge. I tend to overeat on holidays, and then I sleep all day because I'm so full. I want to enjoy the day with family and friends rather than center it around the meal. 

Thanks for sharing, Vanessa! 🙂