Seasonal Depression


It's getting dark again, and I can feel my depression creeping up. This season I'm going to try Vitamin D, but does anyone have more tips on what I can do to help cope/beat the dark? 


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@GoodbyeVal This time of year is definitely a frenemy for me. I love fall/winter, but waking up to darkness and getting off of work to darkness can really affect my mood. I try to sneak and get some sun during the day so that my life doesn't completely revolve around the dark!


Tagging our Mental Health guide @Rachel_M to see if she has any insight on ways to mitigate those feelings!

Hey there! I have had good luck with “happy lights”, that help mimic natural light. I sit in front of it while checking emails/having coffee in the AM. I know this time of year can be so tough!

I second bright light therapy and soaking up any light you can.  It is a known therapy for seasonal affective disorder.  Would advise at least 10,000 lux and is pretty readily available online. 


I recently heard of creating a happy activity jar.  Write down on different pieces of papers things that bring you joy (and you can do inside if it's dark out).  When you are feeling down and cannot go outside pick an activity on the jar to do and see how your mood shifts.   

Oh I love happy lights! Glad you suggested these. I’ve found them helpful as well as enjoying walks outsides right before it gets dark again (when work isn’t wild) 🙂


@GoodbyeVal what's up. I definitely get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) too. Take the word disorder with a grain of salt. Last year I moved to Miami from New York. That's one way to do things. If it's not possible to get into sun, I recommend trying to stay as social as possible and develop a routine around it. People give each other energy and comfort (good people...). Get outdoors also even if you have to bundle up. Hope this helps! 😃

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I think staying active, sleeping well, connecting socially and meditation can do wonders. Also, having trusted loved ones that can check in on you can help!