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    Riding the Wave of Hormonal Changes

    Featured Guest
    Featured Guest

    Our brains and our bodies are intimately connected and communicate every second of the day. Think about how your body takes breaths for you, without ever having to think about it. This is because our bodies are made up of different systems that take care of our basic functions. The brain is the supercomputer, that compiles all of this information and sends messages across the nervous system, especially when we're stressed or overwhelmed.


    When hormones take over our emotional control, it's tempting to force our way back into the driver seat. However, this tends to increase our body's stress response. Instead, try "riding the wave" of the emotion. If you've ever been to the ocean, you know what I mean when I say that if you fight the wave, you'll topple over! Emotions are very similar.


    Imagining this while experiencing overwhelming emotions may help - let it wash over you like a wave, take a few deep breaths, and remind yourself that the emotion will end.


    How do you like to take care of yourself when stressed or overwhelmed? Do you talk to a friend or family member about it, journal, go for a walk? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


    Disclaimer: Even though you may receive advice/insight/ guidance from Frame therapists in written form in the AthletaWell Community, the licensed therapists are not considered to be your therapist. 

    The Frame x AthletaWell community & hosted events do not in any way constitute psychotherapy (also referred to as “therapy,” “counseling,” “mental health counseling”) and you are not under the care of the licensed therapist or Frame Wellness Inc.

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