Refunds or Exchanges for BPA containing products


I just moved to teaching yoga full time this year, so invested a lot of my limited income in bras from Athleta as a work 'uniform'- I mention this because many people will be in a similar situation of needing active wear for work, so not having the option to stop wearing them while this mess with BPA gets sorted out. Its been two weeks, while we continue to wear clothes that could negatively impact our bodies. Could there please be a response, refund or some offer of exchange for safe products so we can continue promoting health while not putting ourselves at risk? #BPA #Athleta #Bras #Health


I just stumbled upon this and I am shocked. I wear Athleta every day. Athleta needs to respond. Are they still selling products that contain BPA? Are they going to provide a refund? Are they going to allow exchanges for safe clothing if they can prove it is safe going forward? I am completely disappointed and extremely concerned about this.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Customer safety is a top priority for Athleta. Our Product Safety and Product Integrity teams are aware of the report and focused on ensuring all products are made to applicable safety standards.

Thank you for the response, but what does that mean for the products we already have that contain BPA? 

any updates Athleta? This is unnerving.

Dear athleta, not only do I have a pile of clothing I can no longer wear until you disclose which products have high levels of BHA, but your lack of response puts you at risk for a class action suit because all the women continuing to wear your clothing who are going to get health problems are bound to want compensation. For your own benefit it behooves you to response promptly.