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    Pregnant & Postpartum Fitness and Support



    My name is Erica and I'm a trainer that specializes in working with Pregnant and Postpartum people. I LOVE learning all things core + pelvic health and support moms through all stages of motherhood. I am new to Athleta Well and would love to connect with other wellness professionals in the field 🙂 In my experience MOST womxn are not provided the support and guidance they need to navigate this stage of life. 

    As a mom we are serious athletes ❤️

    I look forward to connecting!


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    I am not someone in your field-but I am looking for exactly this! I just signed up to AthletaWell for this purpose, as I am an athlete who is now in my second trimester. I am very fortunate to have Peloton as my current workout platform and there is a lot of pregnancy content-but I can't believe how little is out there beyond this! It has grown on Peloton lately as at least 5 instructors in the last 3 years have become pregnant and 3 became certified to teach pregnancy specific changes to yoga, strength and cycling classes. I want to be part of a larger community. How can I help!? What can I do?