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    I will be turning 63 and have not had a well woman check since I was 40.  How do I find a good doctor my doctor retired and had a bad experience years ago trying to find a new one and never went back.  Need help, do I even need to get a check up?

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    Hi Melanie! It's good to get labs done at least once/year to make sure things are going okay and there's no underlying conditions going on! But I totally understand feeling like you can't find a doctor that you like, that's definitely frustrating.


    YES!!  @MelanieS187 You deserve to be well taken care of and that includes those (sometime scary) doctors appointments.  Your healthy is important and you deserve to feel good! As far as looking for a new doctor, I always tell my clients to start with the women in their life, ask local friends/family who they go to and would they recommend them.  Do you have a community of women you can chat with? If not you can always look online, check their "reviews" and see if they specialize in women's health over 50. 

    Your check up may look differently then it did 20 years ago, so don't be afraid to ask what the check up would include (they may have you schedule a time before the appointment to chat with the new doctor on the phone).  Go in prepared - have a list of questions and concerns ready to discuss in case you get nervous and forget.  Be open and honest with them about how long it's been, why, and what got you back in.  Don't be embarrassed they've seen and heard it all.  They can't help if they don't know so tell them everything, even if you think it's small or unimportant.  And if you feel like you were not given the proper treatment or brushed off, don't give up - be brave and willing to get a second or third opinion.  Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂  


    Call an office with multiple Dr's and ask the nurse/receptionist who they would recommend. I did this with a primary care Dr., had done my research and when I called they weren't accepting new patients, asked for a recommendation and she recommended a Dr at a different location...who also happened to be a recommendation that I had gotten from my OB/GYN. It is very frustrating to find a new doctor, Best of Luck!


    I would ask trusted female friends, or your primary care physician.