Let's talk about Sleep!

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Good morning everyone,


Did you get a good night's sleep last night? Have trouble falling asleep? Or do you fall asleep easily and then wake up halfway through the night and stare at the ceiling?


We want to hear all about it from your partners' snores to the blue light from your devices! Let us know in the comments below, your questions, experiences, and troubles when it comes to sleep.



My sister and I are both ugly sleepers. Drooling, snoring, weird positions all of that. Is there a way to not sleep so ugly??

What if I said your sleep patterns weren't ugly at all and perhaps a signal for an underlying breathing condition such as obstructive sleep apnea.  At night our muscles relax, even the ones in our throat that help us breathe. As such we can snore and sleep with our mouth open which can result in drooling.  Moving around in different positions can be your body's natural response to get into a position to help you breathe better.  I'd consider having a conversation with your doctor about your sleep pattern especially if you feel tired during the daytime.  


Would I sleep better if the husband and dog were in another room? I heard a lot of people started sleeping separately during the pandemic. What are everyone’s thoughts on that?

Interesting! My gut is to avoid it because I would hate for sleeping alone to become a habit. I wish there were sleep coaches for couples!

Great question.  I would recommend an experiment and find out what environment works best for you and your loved ones.  Sometimes bed partners (even the furry ones) can snore or toss and turn which can affect the quality of your sleep and thus energy levels the next day.  It may be interesting to try a couple nights of sleeping alone during the week and then having "sleep-overs" on the weekends when you don't have a full day of work the following day.  Let me know if what works for you.  


I have a kiddo with sensory sensitivities (I also have them) so I have lots of sleep strategies that I have come to rely on over the years. Am I always super diligent about these? No. No, I am not. But these have also shown success for me for a better night's sleep, even with a global pandemic swirling around.


  • Working out, especially at least a few hours before bedtime, otherwise I am too amped
  • No alcohol; it messes with my sleep cycle (this is the most likely violation...)
  • No caffeine after noon
  • A cuppa chamomile tea after dinner
  • If I must consume blue light after 8p, I wear blue blocking specs and put my device on that special mode
  • My kid's nightlight is red as red light promotes relaxo brain waves
  • My kid's room is painted a dark color, including the fifth wall aka the ceiling
  • Also has blackout drapes
  • Also has a white noise machine on a timer
  • Fortunately we live in an old house and the window unit a/c is white noise-y AF so that helps
  • Kiddo gets a little bit of melatonin before brushing her teeth; I also take a low dosage of melatonin
  • I like weighted blankets for when I am feeling super restless (I have tried a few brands and ultimately settled on these--luxurious but machine washable and even weight distro. My kid's OT during pre-school recommended them but TBH I use them way more often, I bought like 3 or 4!)
  • I do not take my phone into the bedroom
  • I go into another room if I can't sleep to read a book
  • I wear my old Old Navy maternity yoga pants so that my belly breathing isn't constrained... please note I have not been pregnant for nine years... they are good and soft now LOL
  • I use a firm mattress from IKEA and only use a fitted sheet plus a duvet (the flat sheet makes me feel trapped and causes anxiety)

The death of sleeping well for me is hitting the Reels tab on Instagram because then I will be up all night dreaming up dance routines to random high BPM songs .... also, if I don't take my ADHD meds properly it is more likely I will not have a good night's sleep


I also have migraine and was pleasantly surprised to discover that lots of the stuff I cobbled together is actually legit for helping with sleep, so I am going to call myself Dr. now 😂

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@jockgrrl I love your point that if you can't sleep, you leave the room to read. I stopped trying to stay in bed and force myself to sleep; I started leaving the room until I was nice and sleepy. Works so well and I don't feel like I'm a prisoner in my own bed lol (forcing sleep feels like torture 😭)

Actually, scratch everything I said... I couldn't fall asleep for like EVER the night I posted!!! I recognize the moon is now full, but still... obviously all my 'good sleep' hacks aren't 100% guaranteed 😂

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Haha that's okay!! You recognize things that often help you and I know this information can help someone else! We're all figuring this out one night at a time lol! @jockgrrl 


Ah, sensitive subject here! My current reality, at 3 months postpartum with our third kid, is that I'm definitely VERY low on sleep and also getting very low-quality sleep. In the very early weeks, I was napping with our newborn when I could. But as we settle into routines and preschool has started etc., that is almost never happening anymore. This is also my third newborn stage in four years, so I know there is a a lot of accumulated sleep deprivation (not to mention how poorly sleep quality can be during some phases of pregnancy). I'm here for any and all sleep content! 😉 

Hi Heather!  Sending you lots of love and sleep juju.  I am sure you know how newborn sleep goes and then to add the needs of 2 older siblings.  Quite the balancing act!  I encourage my parents to do the best they can with what they've got, give themselves lots of self-compassion and most importantly sleep when they can.  Sometimes if parents can't take a sleep through the night or nap just getting horizontal and relaxing the mind to calming music, white noise or a guided meditation can be super beneficial.  Please let me know how I can help. 

When my LO was a newborn, I made sure I wore my old-school digital wristwatch and kept a battery-operated tealight candle (leftover from wedding supplies...) nearby. That way if I needed to know the time I did not need to look at my phone (which would wake my brain up) and when I needed a little bit of light for night feeds I did not wake my brain up too much. This plus blackout shades and a white noise machine on a timer helped improve quality and quantity of sleep as much as possible. After she no longer co-slept, she slept in a nook right outside of our bedroom which minimized the distance I had to walk for the night feeds.


It's really crazy and amazing how much moms do and how little sleep we get when our kiddos are wee babes!