Laser Hair Loss Helmets


Has anyone ever used a laser helmet to combat hair loss? I'd love to hear anyone's experiences or thoughts. Thanks! 


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Community Manager

I've never heard of these, but I'm finding a lot of really good research and articles on it!! I haven't tried it, but bumping this up so hopefully the right person sees this and can help out @rstewar4 🙂


My mom said she used one to help regrow her hair after chemo and it worked. I’m sorry I don’t know which brand. I recently saw an episode of Queer Eye in which JVN gave one to a woman who was wearing wigs to cover her hair. It’s the first episode in season 6; she seemed to have good results and you might be able to see the brand that the hair care expert gave the client. Good luck!

I saw that episode of Queer Eye just the other day (it was such a good one) and her hair came out beautifully. They didn't show what it looked like before, but her hair a year later looked amazing. Maybe you can catch the brand in that episode @rstewar4 @Birding_babe 

I’m on treatment #9. I use mine 3-4 days a week. I don’t expect to see results for 4 months but will post updates as my treatments progress.