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Hi all! My first post! I am 36 and still have acne and now starting to get fine lines on my eyes. It’s frustrating being an adult with acne, and skin creams make me very photosensitive (terrible for my outdoor lifestyle). I’m wondering if anyone has good or bad experiences with an LED light therapy mask? What features should I look for? I’m interested in long-term safety too. Thanks for any help! Robyn

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Hi Robyn, welcome! I deal with adult acne as well and it can be soooo annoying. I've tried retinol, facials, and natural products; recently I've stopped my birth control to see if the hormones had something to do with it. I've never tried LED light therapy, but what made you look into it? This is something I need to look into!!


Hi Vanessa, Like you, I have tried retinols but they made my skin feel sunburned. I went off birth control for a year and saw no improvement. I have tried prescription creams but they make me photosensitive. I feel like I have tried everything. I must have seen an ad for the LED products, but what interested me is that it doesn’t involve creams or medications. And they claim to improve wrinkles too. It almost sounds too good to be true?


Hi Robyn, 


I too have become interested in LED light therapy recently. One similar thing I have tried (that works decently) is high frequency therapy. My high frequency wand works excellent on my daughter's acne (11 year old-smelly-doesn't love hygiene-preteen acne LOL). It clears her acne quite well. For me, it definitely seems to lessen it, but it's . I recently bought a LED tool (not a mask), so I'm hoping it does something. Have you researched any of the masks to see which may be better than others? 

Hi. I should look into the high frequency device for treating breakouts. As far as masks go, they range very widely in price and it’s hard to determine what the extra dollars get you. The difference may be mostly comfortable design. I put one on my Christmas list so we shall see if Santa delivers.