KNEE PAIN: What are you you feeling the most?


Let's finish 2021 with a bang! I'm here to kickstart any resolutions for overcoming aches and pains in the new year!


Let's talk about knee pain


Knee pain is one of the most common complaints I hear with patients. Tendon pain, clicking or soreness, and and words like "degenerative" or "arthritis" have often times triggered fear in people. As we start December, getting outdoors for brisk walks or getting ready for snow season may be on your agenda! I'll be sharing some of my favorite exercises and stretches for this type of discomfort... but in the meantime, lets discuss!


Here are some questions that may help get some thoughts going!

1) Where do you have pain?

2) What activities bring on discomfort?

3) What have you been told about knees that you're unsure of if are fact or myth?

4) What do you think helps your knee symptoms? 


Share below! Chances are (very high) that someone else feels the same way as you 😉



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Community Manager

Activities that hurt my knees are ones that involve a lot of jumping. I tend to stay away from those types of exercises or at least cut them down (low jumps) to lower the pain @Leada_M 

Super common complaint! One thing I like to give people is the alternative - not actually leaving the ground but getting all the way up to the toes and absorbing back down. Glutes, quads, and calves are key muscles for this. Thanks for the feedback Vanessa! Stay tuned for some more solutions 🙂 

I do a lot of yoga and walking. Within the past week, I have had this burning sensation in the front of my right knee. I read that this is common for runners. Should I stop excercising? Ice it? Not sure what to do about it as I don’t want it to get worse. 

Apologies I missed this! How is it feeling now? It may have been tendon related, in which case if you were hitting high volume like minutes or miles, I would recommend taking it down and letting things settle. Did it end up calming down?

I usually feel pain directly above my kneecap or even sharp pain in my kneecap.  I feel this most after running, which is why I don't run much.  I sometimes feel the pain while walking down stairs. I do barre about 5-6 times a week, which has helped strengthen the muscles surround my knee, this has been a game changer.  Shout out to Bar Method Cobble Hill Brooklyn! I had a knee injury when i was 18, and I was told my knee will always give me problems, not sure if this is true?

Thanks for sharing @Maria_Martinez ! I have heard a story like yours so many times - the one about being younger and being told problems will always be there! While there can be certain factors like hypermobility or structural changes that can "predispose" you to problems, it certainly does not mean you will always have them The fact you have already discovered strengthening with barre to make a difference is a prime example of why! 


The running pains soiunds like it could be due to a few things. Without having much more info, I would recommend adding some regular foam rolling (quads, glutes, hamstrings) to your warm up/regular routine, as well as some single leg strength exercises if your ready for it. Some easy ones you can progress to include double leg bridge, later moving on to single leg. Wall sits are also great, squats and single leg squats if able (single leg sit to stands from a chair is a nice intro!). Quad and glute strengthening are key when it comes to knee pain. The other thing I'd add is some light impact to better prepare your body for the necessary landing in the run! Jump rope is a great intro for this. 


I hope these help! Do let me know if you have any questions 🙂


I've started to notice that, occasionally, my knee (usually the left) all of a sudden feels like it's going to "give way" at a certain angle.  I have to stay above that range of motion for a bit, then the feeling passes.  It's SO weird.  I have had clicking (without pain) for years now, but no other knee issues.  Is it just age?

That's so interesting @Hallcj ! Quad strength is a big one for that feeling of knee stability - was there something like a fall that happened before or recently that you think may have set it it off? Also does the clicking hurt?

No fall or injury, and the clicking doesn't hurt.  I'm discussing it with my PT as's odd. 

Quite interesting! I'm sure your PT is taking a close look at these things, but I'm curious as to how your ligaments (ACL) and mensci test out. Aside from that, it sounds like it may be best geared towards quad strength.. keep me posted! I'm here as a resource for you.