Indoor Plants


Looking for some easy to care for indoor plants and care tips. I have a fiddle tree fig and found bottom watering every 10-14 days is working!




Fiddle leaf figs actually like to be kept damp, it helps encourage more growth. I water mine every week in the winter and every 4 days in the summer. I noticed when I start watering it more it starts putting out a LOT of new leaves, faster!! Try moving it to a place with a bright window to encourage growth. I noticed yours has very spaced out leaves which is the plant saying “more light please!” Also, you’ll want to water from the top to keep the roots at the top of the pot healthy, too. Water until it drips out the bottom of the pot, and then dump out whatever drained out - the plant has enough to drink if there’s water flowing out the bottom of the pot. That will make sure you aren’t overwatering! If it’s sitting in a pool, it’s going to be unhappy and start to turn yellow. Try these tips and let me know how it goes!

You're a life saver, thank you @espressoDrinker! The leaves were developing spots, and I saw on Google (lol of course) that spotting was due to too much watering so I tried to cut down. But I don't think that did anything. I will try to keep the soil moist. With the sun coming out now I'll be able to give it plenty of light in front of my window! You can't tell in the picture, but there are two new leaves in the center, so I want to make sure I take care of those 


I had the same issue with the yellowing leaves and feeling unsure about how often to water - I bought a soil moisture meter on Amazon and it really helped me make better decisions about what my plants needed. 

Make sure you buy a quality water meter!  My friend and I have purchased inexpensive water meters and they registered incorrectly!  

Thank you for the heads up! @Ambermellano @Teek 

Beautiful plant! I water my fiddle leaf fig once a week, about 2 cups. I am a believer in nurturing plants with positivity. I named my fig Betty and I tell her how beautiful she is. She was a small cutting from my brother’s plant now she is almost as tall as me. #plantmama 🌱

That is so cute @Valerie_C! I try to tell my plant how big and strong its getting, but I still need a name! That's so cool she's grown so much