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    How has Telehealth changed therapy?

    Featured Guest
    Featured Guest

    The pandemic has made us rethink a lot of things, even therapy. As therapists we aim to create a safe and intimate environment in our offices. The reality is that this close intimacy keeps a lot of people from trying therapy in the first place. For many people the thought of sitting in a small room with a stranger can be too uncomfortable and intimidating. Telehealth has opened the door to everyone. The distance that is created through the virtual platform has provided a level of comfort that wasn't available before. I consistently hear people discussing the "convenience" of online therapy, but there is so much more to that. Yes, it is nice to not have to get dressed and drive to a therapist's office,  but it is through the comfort of your own home that you can feel contained enough to open up in ways that would be too uncomfortable in person. Have you tried virtual therapy? What differences have you noticed? Share your thoughts below!


    Disclaimer: Even though you may receive advice/insight/ guidance from Frame therapists in written form in the AthletaWell Community, the licensed therapists are not considered to be your therapist. 

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    This a great topic.. I feel as a R.N that this is one of the few good things that has come from Covid.. I have had many tele-visits with my psychiatrist.. However.. just my last appointment, I went back in person and it felt so good to have that human interaction and connection.. I think it can be blunted over tele-visits appointments.. But they do provide a great alternative to not being able to have a appointment at all.