How do you define "Food Freedom"?


Hi all! Your Nutrition Guide here, Heather. 🙂 I'd love to hear how you define food freedom — what comes to mind when you think about having freedom with food. Letting go of guilt, rules, rigidity, etc. How would that feel? What does it look like, for you? Or, what about that concept may give you pause/hesitation? All answers are welcomed for discussion! 

For reference: Food freedom is one pillar of eating intuitively. It's often oversimplified to "eat whatever you want whenever you want!", and while in many ways it can be that simple, there is always nuance. 🙂 We can talk about that more during the Nutrition Q&A this month! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Heather_C - to me, food freedom is feeling the trust in yourself to make sound food choices while leaving room to eat things that you enjoy (whether considered healthy or not). To do this, though, I do believe one has to decide what their version of “healthy” looks like first based on your larger wellbeing and health goals/standards.


To me, food freedom means a lot of what you mention! Knowing what my body needs and craves and not giving into restriction along  the way. It can be tough... but it's awesome once you achieve it.