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    Getting off birth control?


    Has anyone been on birth control for a long time and gotten off of it? Was there any drastic body changes?


    My hormones have been out of whack the past 6 months and my acne is HORRIBLE for the first time in my life. I’ve been on BC since high school so really don’t know my body when it comes to my cycle. I got on originally because I had terrible cramping and heavy flows. I’m scared getting off will make my hormones worse, but there's a chance that getting off BC is the best decision for my body.


    Really would love advice/experiences.

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    Been off of BC for a year and 5 months now, after having it in my body for several years. Only problem is we can’t seem to be getting pregnant. 🙄

    Oh no! Have you seen any other bodily changes since getting off? It's been almost 2 weeks since being off and I already see an increased sex drive and my acne isn't as inflamed @Ceci  

    Always best to stay off synthetic anything for the health of your reproductive organs. It is also wise to consider that we pass on the genetic information of the birth control picture onto our offspring. I can help with Bach Flower remedies, homeopathy and cell slats through facial diagnosis to help balance hormones. www.floweressencehealth.com

    I've never heard of those resources, what is it/how can it help? Thank you for the link @healthizwealth 

    Homeopathy stimulates the system to come back to balance and health. It is widely used all over the world. The homeopath looks at the whole person, their emotions, thoughts and symptoms and finds a remedy to match that. It treats the whole person. Flowers and cell salts are very similar except flowers balance emotions which in turn brings bring body back to balance. Cell salts are focused on providing the body with minerals that the body is lacking and in turn brings it back to health. All are diluted substances so that there are no harmful substances or toxins . Hope that helps 🙂

    This is really interesting, thank you for the info @healthizwealth! I'm going to have to continue to look more into it

    Wait, what are you saying about passing on the genetic information of the birth control picture onto or offspring? 

    Synthetic hormones create a picture that gets passed onto offspring..consider hereditary traits...in Homeopathy we look at miasms that are hereditary traits or energetic pictures that get passed along family lines . Gonorrhea, Syphilis are two of the main miasms but all pharmaceutical drugs create their own picture that is interwoven into your offsprings health 


    Look at detoxing (colonic, lymphatic drain, iv therapy) and adding collagen supplement. 

    I think detoxing would really help, I hear a lot about collagen but thought it was only for skin. Thank you for the idea! @shatonaj 


    What type of acne are you experiencing @NillaMarie ? Is it concentrated in a particular part of your face or body? 

    My acne has gotten to the point it's all over my face (forehead, cheeks and side of face, jawline). My acne is congested so a few cysts but mostly white heads. I also have a lot of discoloration so I've been using a brightening cream and sunscreen daily @surfingob 


    Your doctor can give you a prescription for Retin A creme. It really helps to get rid of acne. There are products on the market with Retin A in them but the best thing is to use straight Retin A!! Maybe back off of the brightening creme and use something for sensitive skin. 

    Going off birth control did not help my hormonal acne. It just made my periods really heavy and long so I ended up getting a new IUD. Just giving my honest experience. Good luck!