Event Recap - Understanding Menopause: Mental and Hormonal Health

Featured Guest
Featured Guest

Thank you to everyone who attended my Understanding Menopause: Mental and Hormonal Health events this week! I had such a great time talking with you all about:


  • Feelings you may have during the perimenopause and menopause stage
  • What goes on in your brain during this stage
  • Ways to cope with feelings and symptoms
  • And answered questions on topics like...

    - Decreased libido/sex drive


    - How long is (peri)menopause?


    - Advocating at the doctors and getting emotional


    - Negative self talk when feeling low


The only way out, is through. One of the best ways to cope with hormonal changes is to talk about it.


When talking about feelings around perimenopause, menopause, and aging, here are some thoughts attendees had shared:

- "age = wisdom! bring it on"

- "A new level of vulnerability I wasn't expecting"

- "I receive that! I'm going through feelings of wanting to reinvent myself constantly"

- "Yes, I have NEVER in my life been angry until 50...I see it and notice it like…what is this strange feeling?"
- "Just learning to advocate for myself more and acknowledge what I'm going through is normal"

Do any of these thoughts/feeling resonate with you? Tell me about your experience in the comments! 


I also shared an Inventory Checklist about things you may be going through. This can help you identiify what you are strong in, as well as areas you may need to show a little love. Feel free to print out the checklist and share your thoughts in the comments below!


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Let's continue the conversation: feel free to use the comments to talk to one another about your experience, ask/share advice, and come together as a community. Thank you again AthletaWell!


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Featured Guest
Featured Guest

Also want to share a local women-owned self-care business named Daughters. Here is also a book I recommend called Peri Menopause Power by Maisie Hill



Will there be a recording posted of the event?


Hi @Eld3! This event was not recorded to keep the confidentiality and vulnerability of the attendees. We are so sorry for the inconvenience, but please check out the Understanding Menopause Event Recap above. Which has a recap and resources to help you along your journey!


We are so sorry again, but hope to continue the conversation on mental health, menopause, and hormones here, on AthletaWell!

I’m only 39 but in medical menopause from cancer treatment. Menopause is no joke! I never could have anticipated how awful hot flashes are. Best wishes to all women going through this!

Thank you for sharing your experience! Know that you are not alone and glad that we have the AthletaWell community.