Event Recap— Intro to Mindfulness: Stress Management

Featured Guest
Featured Guest

Earlier this afternoon, I hosted my Intro to Mindfulness: Stress Management event with the AtheltaWell Community! We had such a great time understanding what mindfulness means, and how to be mindful daily. In today's event....


  • I shared mindfulness journal prompts and exercises for stress relief
  • Answered questions on how to overcome workplace stress
  • And we did a mid-day meditation to help ground yourself for the rest of the day


What we heard from members who attended today's event:

"Thank you this has been a lovely break in the middle of a busy work day."

"This also seems like a great exercise for kids, to talk through emotions"

"I love this...Exercise can bring up so many emotions"


Thank you so much to everyone attended. If you missed today's event, or want to catch it again, don't worry! I'm hosting my event again on Tuesday March 8 at 12pm PST. Be sure to RSVP and drop any questions you have for me in the comments here.


Tell me below how you've been trying to practice mindfulness daily. Please don't be shy, your experience may be great advice for the next person!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Today's event was SO good and much needed! Thank you @Frame_Gina for hosting. Lately, I've been more mindful about my time management and to-do lists. This helps to alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed

@Vanessa Thank you for joining! I’m so happy to hear you found my live event helpful. Being mindful about time management can certainly be helpful in avoiding overwhelm! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

bummed I missed your first event, but so happy you're offering it again next week! I've been noticing myself falling into the bad habit of being on my phone too often, so I'm committing to not touching my phone in the morning until I've done a practice for myself first -- either reading, journaling or meditation.

@Dani_P Hope you can join next week! I’m also working on resisting the urge to check my phone in the mornings. I feel so much better when I start my day with a quick meditation or journal entry!