Event Recap— Intro to Art Therapy: Express Yourself

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Thank you to everyone who attended my Intro to Art Therapy: Express Yourself event this morning! I had such a great time meeting everyone and talking through what womanhood looks like to you.


My next Intro to Art Therapy event is next Thursday 3/10 at 12pm PST. Art Therapy is more powerful than we think, and I encourage everyone to participate! Please RSVP if you didn't make day's event, its one you won't forget! Here are some feelings that members experienced through the session:


"I drew a high-heeled shoe and lipstick. Both things that I assumed all grown-up women used when I was a little girl (and used those things when playing dress-up). Now as an adult I use neither. ;)"


"I drew myself as smaller than the man as I thought I was to be sweet quiet and walker than men. but that is not what I think or thought but I played the role."


"Also found it hard! Ended up painting a fragmented silhouette of a woman with an hourglass figure, long hair and strong arms, with soft colors of pink and purple surrounding the fragments."


Tell me in the comments below what questions you have on art therapy! If you attended today's event, how the session was for you? Is this something you would be interested in doing again?

As I mentioned in the event, I would like to offer the opportunity to discuss your experience further with me. Here are 2 opportunities to check out:

If you live in California, you can connect with me directly here through Frame (all for free!): https://bit.ly/frame_shiva
Use code ATHLETAWELL for $100 towards a therapy session if you decide you'd like to engage in 1:1 therapy sessions


If you live outside of California - we are offering 10 people from today's event a free 30min follow up session to discuss your experience and any questions about therapy you might have. Add your name to the sign-up form here, the first 10 people will be contacted! https://bit.ly/ArtTherapyFollowUpForm


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Featured Guest

I missed this class *sad face*; was either class recorded by chance?


Hi @Jenn_G! This event was not recorded to keep the confidentiality and vulnerability of the attendees. We are so sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope the resources above can help you along your journey! 🙂