Bone Health


Hello. Bone health and osteoporosis is an important issue for women. I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at 54. I found a lifestyle based solution called osteogenic loading that uses isometric loading to tell your body it needs to keep your bones strong as you age. Your muscles can only be as strong as your bones are able to support. If women want to continue living an active life as they age, solutions like Osteostrong sessions will be an important part of everyone's fitness program. 



Hi, I have also been recently diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at 60. I live a very active lifestyle, and would like to ensure that I can continue this. Please send me info on osteostrong, and anything else I can do. My first doctor’s appt they told me they wanted me to do self injections daily for two years.  I would like to do everything Ican to help myself before doing this as a last resort. Thanks!

Hello. Unfortunately most doctors are only recommending pharmaceutical options for osteoporosis. There are many causes of osteoporosis and most doctors aren't offering a comprehensive approach to improving bone health. There's a lot of research around the benefits of loading the skeletal system with force as a way to tell your body it needs to put more resources into your bones. There's a nutritional component as well. OsteoStrong has a youtube channel with a lot of information. If you go to there are a list of locations in the US.  My journey started 3 years ago and I am continuing to learn more all the time. I have been able to increase my bone density using osteostrong sessions and proper nutrition. Since I am concerned about the side effects of the medication this is the approach I'm taking. Good luck!