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I just had my 1st baby 8 months ago & I was 39 years old when I delivered her.  I am feeling frustrated at how my body feels after this pregnancy.  I thought I would be feeling better by now.  My public bone keeps going out of place & my hips are so achy.  I also have a partial prolapse & pain in my groin area.  My tailbone is my newest pain that I have.   Before and during the pregnancy I was very active-it been a challenge to start working out again when my body hurts so much.  Anyone have any tips for healing & getting back to “normal”. 


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Congratulations on becoming a mom @AAlajoki! But I am so sorry to hear that you have been dealing with so much pain lately. It must be hard, especially if you were previously active. I wonder if @Tiffany_L (a Functional Medicine Physician / our Holistic Health Guide) has any insight on what you can do to help alleviate that pain. I hope you feel better soon ❤️


Hi @AAlajoki ! Chiming in with some lived experience -- I have three boys, my youngest is 4 mo and they were all born within 4 years (wasn't the plan! hah, just, how it happened). Have you tried pelvic floor physical therapy (PFPT)? I'm certainly not a physical therapy expert! But it sounds like some of these aches and pains could be helped by PFPT (and/or general PT). Sometimes this is covered by insurance, but I've done private pay as well (which sucks, but it was worth it). 

Totally here with you. I hope this is a helpful reminder: our bodies may never feel the *same* as they did pre-pregnancy, but that doesn't mean we have to put up with chronic pain/discomfort and assume it's normal. So glad you came here for support. Keep us posted! ❤️ 




Right there with you!  Gifts of motherhood. Body doesn't feel the same after my second.  I started to have hip pain after carrying my 22lb 17 month old son up and down the stairs.  I met a great physical therapist who taught me good core and glut exercises and I started to feel better in about 2 weeks.  Definitely not back to normal and learning to be more mindful of how I move and sit now, especially when I carry my son.  May @Leada_M can weigh in.  


@AAlajoki first of all, congratulations on motherhood! All the things you are describing are very common and NO you do not have to live with them at all and they very much can get sort of "dismissed" in healthcare. Pelvic floor PT should be a stop for all moms after giving birth. The body is amazing and is are absolutely capable of returning "back" to what it was, and I promise you will get to your loved activities! I know how important that is for just about anyone. 


I would highly recommend seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist to help with the prolapse, groin, and tailbone pain. When you see one, they ask a lot of great questions, assess your pelvic floor/movement/strength, and initiate a program to help with your specific areas of concern. All those areas are very connected and it all starts with regaining proper control of your core & pelvic floor, breathing mechanics, and gradually exposing these things to more load as they improve in strength and endurance. Without this, groin pain, tailbone pain, and pain at or near the pelvic floor/issues with B/B function may manifest. What city/state are you in? I may have some recommendations in my network. Feel free to direct message me as well 🙂 

I second (third, fourth) the suggestion to see a good pelvic floor physical therapist. I am in week 30 and getting pretty uncomfortable in some of the ways you mentioned and recently started working with a pelvic floor PT. She is wonderful and so helpful and positive.


Please have grace for yourself. I know it seems like your timeline should be different... everyone I think goes through that "why is this taking so long?!" phase, but you really do have to recover from a complete body shift and change. I would definitely see a physical therapist for your core and pelvic floor rehab, as well.