Bloated from drinking water.


I recently reduced to eating very low carb and low sugar. I am usually successful in my weight loss efforts. I have been drinking a good amount of water to stay hydrated, but my stomach is holding onto this water and I am not seeing weight loss. 


Am I drinking too much? How can I get rid of this bloating from water (its been like this for about 2 months). My stomach feels so full and harder toward the top. 


- From frustrated and annoyed


Community Manager
Community Manager

Dear Frustrated and Annoyed, 


Let's see if @Tiffany_L has an answer for you, she's a MD. 🙂 

Thank you @danielle , I need all the help I can get @Tiffany_L 🙏

Sorry I am just now seeing for some reason! Agree with all of the above. You may also just not be absorbing the water you are drinking. We need a certain amount fo electrolytes to fully absorb the water into our cells. You may try switching to mineral water or add a tiny pinch of himalayan sea salt to your water bottle!


Hi! I am a functional medicine focused dietitian and it sounds like there may be some underlying issues going on contributing to this bloating. Any other GI symptoms associated with it? If you haven't heard of SIBO, it may be worth looking into. 

Hi @Fuel4Life, I've been gassy but that's all. I will look into SIBO and talk to my doctor as well. Thank you!