Wondering - what’s the latest on the BPA issue? Is it an issue? Is the research accurate? Is there need for concern?  Why hasn’t Athleta weighed in? I’m a long time, loyal customer and I’d like to know what’s going on. Sadly, I will not be buying from Athleta until this matter is addressed. I’m terribly disappointed in the radio silence. My closet is filled with Athleta clothing….I’m afraid to continue wearing it. Apparently Athleta doesn’t give a 💩. That great customer service. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

At Athleta, we believe in fiercely supporting our customers’ wellness—through the products we offer, the AthletaWell community we have built and the partnerships we forge. We take any claims related to product safety very seriously, and remain vigilant in ensuring all our products are made to applicable safety standards.

So what does that mean?  You response is very vague. You still have not addressed the matter at hand? Is there a possibly dangerous level of BPAs in any of your products? Should we feel safe wearing them? Is the study that was published untrue? You neither confirm nor deny. Please don’t treat your loyal clients like fools. I really love your clothing but I’m also really concerned. 

the research is accurate but when I call they say “it’s inconclusive. This shows the conclusive information. Here athleta, since research clearly is too hard for you… https://oag.ca.gov/system/files/prop65/notices/2022-02433.pdf

If you read the report, one item (shirt) is specifically called out.

Yes, but now what?