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BPA report silence/ blocking customers comments

Really Athleta? Really? All you have to say to your loyal customers is that you are aware of the CEH report? My 43 orders ( yes, I counted) in 15 months ( 75% or more of items kept), thousands of $ spent… As many of writing here literally 85% of my wardrobe is Athleta clothes… where are you on the BPA notice? “…our clothes are designed by women, for women. And we make them with one goal in mind: to ignite a community of active, HEALTHY, confident women and the girls…” Well, Athleta… you can remove healthy from your pap talk on Athleta items tags. Your ignorance just costed you one loyal customer… with many more to follow.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Customer safety is a top priority for Athleta. Our Product Safety and Product Integrity teams are aware of the report and focused on ensuring all products are made to applicable safety standards.

As an Icon rewards member, and an owner of numerous Uptempo shirts, I would like some kind of public statement from GAP that there will be a public response made in the future.  No public statement from GAP as of now says to me that the company will try and sweep this under the rug.  It is best to acknowledge the issue and fix it.  GAP will loose customers over this if they do not address this issue now.


And why are you continuing to sell these products online?  For the safety of women and girls you should suspend sales of the items.

I have been a loyal customer to Athleta. Like many others, I was shocked by the recent BPA findings. Thank goodness for California and their laws, which have proven beneficial to women from the entire US. I have made an effort to transition to clean products, toiletries, makeup, etc…only to be thwarted by my exercise clothing. Ugh! Will Athleta refund their customers for these items? I eagerly await a response!

thanks for posting. I shared on FB. I was not aware of this.


While I am not leaving Athleta altogether, purchases of clothing with this problem are definitely on hold!



How does this company maintain their B Corporation status while poising it’s customers with BPA? Public transparency is part of the agreement no? 


I agree. Where is the customer service? I have sent emails and made comments but no answer. I am refusing to buy anymore from them. I am now buying material and sewing myself. 
     Social media monitoring is needed. A response is needed! A media response is needed to your loyal customers who believe that you no longer care about our health.