Advocating for Yourself in Healthcare: Do you feel heard?


As a physical therapist, I spend a lot of time with patients. Sometimes multiple times per week over several months. I love listening to patients. I feel like they are the best story-tellers of their case and hearing about their pain experience is truly eye-opening. I find its incredibly important to validate, listen, and stay compassionate. 


Unfortunately, I still hear stories of negative experiences in healthcare. People will complain they didn't feel heard or that their concerns were dismissed. It breaks my heart every time! After I work with them and they go see their physician, or IF someone comes to me and warrants referral somewhere else, I always ask if they need help communicating their needs.  This way I can equip them with some questions to ask, etc to *hopefully* help.


Have you had any occurrences of this? What would have been better?

Would it be helpful to hear some tips on how to advocate for yourself?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Would love tips for advocating at the doctor's office! I've left the doctors office in tears one too many times. I always feel rushed when talking about what I'm going through. A lot of their solutions are to either take medication or get over it. I find that there's never follow up or details on how to get better. I really don't go to the doctors anymore because its a waste of money in my eyes! 

Amen to this. I feel this sooo much. 


You are truly amazing at helping people feel seen and heard. 

Many many thoughts about this. Our healthcare system is broken and it doesn’t honor the sacred doctor patient relationship. Some healthcare corporations give doctors <10 min face to face time with patients. Find someone who listens and cares. You have options.